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89%VideoMar 2013

Dennis Rodman discusses Kim Jong-Un after his visit to North Korea

(7:54) Bizarrely, Dennis Rodman has become the person outside of North Korea who best knows North Korea's Great Leader.


89%VideoJun 2015

Suki Kim - Teaching in North Korea

(12:32) For six months, Suki Kim worked as an English teacher at an elite school for North Korea's future leaders.

88%VideoOct 2009

The two births of Kim Jong Il

The myth, according to North Korean textbooks, and the facts, according to Soviet records


88%PictureMay 2009

Kim Jong Il made a special effort this morning

The tests paid off, I have the finished hat


88%VideoJul 2011

5-year-old North Korean girl plays beautiful guitar

(3:20) This is is Kang Eunju. At only five, she attends Shin Hung Kindergarten in Hamhung City in North Korea.


88%VideoJul 2010

North Korean guitar quartet

(2:44) Four choreographed North Korean toddlers play giant guitars.


88%VideoDec 2011

When Christopher Hitchens went to North Korea

(6:51) The great late Christopher Hitchens describes the state of fear he witnessed during a visit to North Korea.

88%VideoMay 2012

Kim Il-Sung's birthday party

(3:00) Travelling to the Hermit Kingdom is already bizarre enough, but when we heard that North Korea would be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Great Leader...

88%VideoApr 2013

North Korean battleships preparing for action

(4:15) Footage of the North Korean navy preparing to invade America.


88%VideoApr 2013

Tensions mount after North Korea destroys all of Asia

(1:33) According to The Onion News Network, the US is considering new sanctions following North Korea's eradication of all life in Asia.