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94%VideoJul 2013

Bill Maher - Tea Party porn

(3:00) GOP candidate for Colorado Springs Jaxine Bubis also writes porn under the pseudonym Jaxine Daniels. Bill Maher reads a sample from her book 'Beantown Heat'.


94%VideoSep 2013

Bill Maher's New Rules - Bombing Random Countries

(4:41) All kidding Assad, Bill Maher comments on America's tendency to bomb foreign countries.


94%VideoJan 2015

Bill Maher - Je Suis Charlie

(15:21) Bill Maher and panelists Salman Rushdie, Carly Fiorina and Paul Begala discuss the recent terror attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.


94%VideoJun 2015

Bill Maher: The United States of "you don’t wanna know"

(5:12) Bill Maher calls out deregulators for shielding corporations at the expense of consumers.


94%VideoJul 2016

Bill Maher - Interview with Republican pollster Frank Luntz

(9:41) Frank Luntz is an American political consultant, pollster, and "public opinion guru".

93%VideoJul 2011

Piers Morgan talks to Bill Maher - The American Dream

Bill Maher points out that government is there to do the things that are not supposed to turn a profit. That's the difference between government and private enterprise. Piers Morgan interview: July 2011.


93%VideoMar 2013

Bill Maher vs The Pope

(4:51) New rules for the new Pope Francis. Bill Maher doesn't like the Catholic Church.


93%VideoFeb 2015

Bill Maher - Weed the People

(5:20) Bill Maher calls on President Obama to legalise marijuana and pardon non-violent drug offenders.


93%VideoJul 2016

Bill Maher meets Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson

(8:25) 2016 Libertarian candidate for US President, Gary Johnson is polling at 10%.

93%VideoNov 2016

Bill Maher interview with President Obama

(37:02) President Barack Obama joins Bill Maher on the eve of the election to discuss the issues that affect people's lives.