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92%VideoNov 2013

A cat's guide to taking care of your human

(2:00) Ze Frank on how your cats are looking after you.


92%VideoMar 2015

Vsauce - Human Extinction

(8:10) Everything comes to an end. Question is how and when.


91%VideoJan 2015

Aron Ra reviews Dennis Prager's 'Ten Commandments' educational video

(23:04) Dennis Prager is an American conservative radio show host.


90%VideoJan 2015

Vsauce - Is cereal soup?

(8:22) The etymology of language is full of weird evolutions and exceptions. Michael puts it all into perspective.

90%AnimationMay 2015

The European Union explained

(5:50) CGP Grey explains the complicated beast that is the European Union.


89%VideoMar 2015

World's most amazing archer ... in slow motion

(6:43) Destin Sandlin meets ultimate archer Byron Ferguson.

88%VideoJun 2012

Weird Paul's McDonald's breakfast review from 1984

(1:44) Way ahead of his time, Weird Paul Petroskey's YouTube-style review of a McDonald's breakfast in 1984.


88%VideoOct 2012

Ze Frank - Soundz

(3:20) What are the small sounds that you think deserve more attention?


88%VideoNov 2012

The Teen Brain

(7:56) Moody, impulsive and maddening. Why do teenagers act the way they do? Ze Frank and Rainn discuss the teen brain.


88%VideoNov 2012

Vsauce2: Mind Blow #53

(4:54) Future highways, optical camouflage, a urine powered generator and other wonderful science and technological advances happening right now.