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94%VideoDec 2013

TYT - How two cops react to a protest

(8:20) Some people came to protest an issue of immigration Eric Cantor's office in Virginia. The Young Turks discuss the reactions of two cops who were on duty at the time.


94%VideoApr 2014

TYT - To Russia With Love

(5:57) You'd never have guessed, but there's love in the air for Vladimir Putin from US right wingers.

94%VideoJan 2015

TYT - Saudi Arabia building 600 mile wall to repel ISIS

(6:20) According the the Telegraph, Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile long wall along its northern border with Iraq to keep out ISIS. The Young Turks discuss the plan.


94%VideoApr 2016

TYT - O'Reilly can't believe polls say Bernie crushes Republicans

(7:43) Almost every poll, even from Fox News, show Bernie Sanders beating Republican candidates by large margins.


94%VideoOct 2016

TYT - How Jill Stein plans to handle Vladimir Putin

(3:09) If the Russians invaded Estonia, how would a Stein Administration handle the situation?

94%VideoAug 2017

TYT - 4 US Navy collisions in one year, coincidence?

(8:43) Cenk and Ana discuss the disturbing trend of Navy ships colliding with other ships.

94%VideoJul 2018

TYT - Trump regretting North Korea deal

(11:20) Donald Trump is back-pedalling on the North Korea deal he was so proud of.


93%VideoMar 2013

TYT - Obama signs "Monsanto Protection Act"

(6:19) President Obama signed into law a spending bill that included a provision that allows Monsanto immunity against prosecution if future health hazards appear as a result of their doing.

93%VideoApr 2014

TYT - Man facing execution writes open letter full of truths

(12:53) In an open letter to Gawker, death row inmate Ray Jasper makes some really good points comparing slavery with the US private prison system.

93%VideoJul 2017

TYT - Cenk breaks down Donald Trump Jr's emails

(12:11) Beyond treasonable doubt?