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94%VideoApr 2014

TYT - To Russia With Love

(5:57) You'd never have guessed, but there's love in the air for Vladimir Putin from US right wingers.

94%VideoJan 2015

TYT - Saudi Arabia building 600 mile wall to repel ISIS

(6:20) According the the Telegraph, Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile long wall along its northern border with Iraq to keep out ISIS. The Young Turks discuss the plan.


94%VideoApr 2016

TYT - O'Reilly can't believe polls say Bernie crushes Republicans

(7:43) Almost every poll, even from Fox News, show Bernie Sanders beating Republican candidates by large margins.


94%VideoOct 2016

TYT - How Jill Stein plans to handle Vladimir Putin

(3:09) If the Russians invaded Estonia, how would a Stein Administration handle the situation?

94%VideoAug 2017

TYT - 4 US Navy collisions in one year, coincidence?

(8:43) Cenk and Ana discuss the disturbing trend of Navy ships colliding with other ships.

93%VideoMar 2013

TYT - Obama signs "Monsanto Protection Act"

(6:19) President Obama signed into law a spending bill that included a provision that allows Monsanto immunity against prosecution if future health hazards appear as a result of their doing.

93%VideoApr 2014

TYT - Man facing execution writes open letter full of truths

(12:53) In an open letter to Gawker, death row inmate Ray Jasper makes some really good points comparing slavery with the US private prison system.

93%VideoJul 2017

TYT - Cenk breaks down Donald Trump Jr's emails

(12:11) Beyond treasonable doubt?


93%VideoMar 2015

TYT - Republican's 'treasonous' letter to Iran

(10:36) 47 republicans in the Senate sent a letter to the leaders of Iran without permission from those in charge of the nuclear negotiations.


92%VideoDec 2012

TYT - HSBC too big to jail

(8:12) So shocking that this could even happen.