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87%AnimationMar 2015

Better way to board your flight

(2:35) Tests show there are more efficient, time-saving systems of boarding, and since time is money, why don't all airlines employ these faster systems?


87%VideoJul 2015

Cargo Runner, a better way to carry luggage?

(1:04) London-based designer Sven Ladiges thinks we will change the way we carry luggage.


87%VideoDec 2015

Etihad's A380 'The Residence' experience

(4:04) Mile high luxury.

87%VideoFeb 2016

There and Back Colombia

(1:48) Unique backpack's POV of a traveller's real-life journey through Colombia.

87%VideoMay 2016

Why is flying so expensive?

(10:31) How much of your airfare goes to jet fuel and other flying costs, and how much is profit for the airlines? The answers may surprise you.


87%VideoJun 2016

How do budget airlines offer flights so cheap?

(8:27) Flying is an expensive, but budget airlines often sell tickets for less than 10 euros. How can they do this?

87%VideoJun 2016

An Australian in America for the first time

(6:30) 19-year-old Australian describes her culture shock the first time she went to America.


87%VideoJun 2016

Watchtower of Morocco

(3:08) 3 minute video portrait of Morocco by Leonardo Dalessandri.


87%VideoFeb 2017

TYT - The difference between Trump's, Obama's and Carter's travel bans

(6:00) Trump supporters cry "hypocrisy" when people criticise Trump's Muslim ban yet said nothing when Obama banned Iraqis in 2011 and Jimmy Carter banned Iranians in 1979.


87%VideoFeb 2017

Trump's travel expenses in 1 month, same as Obama's in 1 year

(7:47) David Pakman looks at the Trump family's travel expenses.