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91%VideoOct 2011

World's fastest car crash test

Cars are usually crash tested at 40 mph. What would happen if tested at 120 mph? Fifth Gear was curious enough to smash a Ford Focus into a concrete block at 120 mph in order to find out.


Ford 90%VideoSep 2003

The Evil Twin


89%PictureFeb 2009

What do celebrities drive?

Kim Kardashian drives a Bentley Continental


88%VideoNov 2007

Homemade Ford balloons ad

Replicating the floating Mondeo commercial


88%VideoOct 2010

Ford Meteor, faster than a ninja

Possibly the best car ad from the 80s, if a little prone to exaggeration. Dragons, ninjas, intergalactic space travel and shoulder pads all make an appearance in this 90 second TV commercial from 1983.


88%VideoSep 2015

Ford experimental 'wrist-twist' steering control (1965)

(2:01) The Ford Motor Company demonstrate an experimental steering wheel called Wrist-Twist steering control.


87%VideoOct 2014

How to make a Ford Fiesta in 86 seconds

(1:53) Ford's assembly plant in Cologne Germany produces a Ford Fiesta every 86 seconds. Here's how.


87%VideoAug 2009

Peak Performance, a film by Tim Vincent and Scott Richardson

Rally champion Marcus Gronholm storms up the Pike's Peak course in the Ford Fiesta RallyCross


FEATURED Ford SSV 86%VideoApr 2007

Baby animals

The next generation wakes up

86%VideoSep 2010

'64 Fairlane 500 at Nurburgring

Race-prepped Ford Fairline wins the 300-kilometer race on the famous 'Nordschleife' in the GTP. Credit goes to drivers Fred and Barney as well as their growling Ford Fairlane.