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94%VideoApr 2016

Russian jets buzz US destroyer

(1:26) Two Russian SU-24 fighter jets buzzed US Navy destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea.


94%VideoAug 2017

Kayaking through a ship wreck

(3:16) The closest thing to exploring an abandoned alien craft.

94%VideoAug 2017

TYT - 4 US Navy collisions in one year, coincidence?

(8:43) Cenk and Ana discuss the disturbing trend of Navy ships colliding with other ships.

94%VideoApr 2018

How a Swedish submarine sank an American aircraft carrier

(7:05) In 2005, a Swedish Gotland-class submarine sank the $6.2 billion dollar aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan during a wargaming exercise in the Pacific Ocean.


93%VideoMar 2012

Angry seas

(4:00) The awesome power of water when it rages.


93%PictureApr 2011

Creeping up on the enemy


93%VideoDec 2014

Ageing car ferry beached at speed

(2:31) MS Ostend Spirit arrives at Aliaga in Turkey, one of the world's biggest ship breaking yards.


93%VideoOct 2017

The reaction ferries of Basel

(2:29) On the river Rhine in Switzerland, there are reaction ferries - boats with no engine, no paddles, no sails or other obvious forms of power. But how do they work?

93%PictureJul 2011

World's most famous penguin


93%PictureFeb 2012

Join the Navy, a job for life

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