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94%VideoJan 2010

Snowmobile fun at dam

Icelandics on snowmobiles inside water overfill drainage at dam


92%VideoAug 2007

Snowmobile hits tree

Snow blind


91%VideoJan 2012

Levi LaVallee's jump on New Year's Eve 2011/2

(0:50) American snowmobile racer Levi LaVallee soars over 300 feet of water over San Diego Bay to make a new world record distance jump on a snowmobile.

89%VideoMay 2011

Snowmobile vs Mountain

Caught on a helmet cam, a French snowmobiler climbs a steep mountain pass. Perfect ascent until nearing the top when all hell breaks loose. Guess who came off worse.


88%VideoMar 2010

Snowmobile double FAIL

Fails come in pairs


88%VideoFeb 2013

Paragliding snowmobiles, a new extreme sport

(1:02) Eric Oddy takes to the air in a snowmobile, all for a bigger rush.

88%VideoMar 2013

Snowmobile ride through Kiev

(5:40) 22 March 2013: The snowmobile, perfect urban transport after heavy snow in Kiev, Ukraine.


88%VideoJan 2009

Snowmobile from 1926

In the 1920s the Armstead Snow Motor was developed and when this was used to convert a Fordson tractor into a screw propelled vehicle with a single pair of cylinders; the combination became known as the Fordson Snow Devil


87%VideoDec 2010

Snowmobile stunts, because it's too easy on a snowboard

The snowmobile was never conceived as a flying machine, but these adrenalin hunters might disagree. Tough machines in the hands of crazy dudes, not old enough to be dead.


85%VideoFeb 2008

Snowmobile racer crashes - again!

Same mistake just in a different spot