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97%VideoAug 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Who do YOU want to be in life?

(3:44) Inspirational words of wisdom by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

96%VideoApr 2011

10 O'Clock Live - Restructuring the banks

(0:17) Jimmy Carr suggests how banks could be restructured to prevent another taxpayers bailout

96%VideoJun 2012

Wellesley High School commencement speech: "You are not special"

(12:46) Inspirational speech explaining why you are nothing special, just like the other seven billion on the planet.

96%VideoJun 2012

Advice for those considering joining the military

(2:35) Retired Special Forces Master Sergeant Stan Goff explains what military life really entails.

95%PictureOct 2007

Dear Miriam, 'he had dressed up in my lingerie...'

Satire by Viz of the Dear Miriam advice column in the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper.

95%VideoJun 2013

Bill Burr gives advice on guns in case of home invasion

(3:18) Elijah Wood (played Frodo in Lord of the Rings) has difficulty sleeping when he's home alone.

94%VideoSep 2013

Joe Biden's advice for women on self defence

(2:10) Earlier this year, US Vice President Joe Biden gave women advice on self-defence.

94%VideoDec 2013

Life advice from Killer Mike

(2:13) American hip hop artist Michael Render, aka Killer Mike, advises you to marry that turtle you love so much.

94%AnimationDec 2013

RSA Shorts - The Power of Empathy

(2:54) What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

94%VideoNov 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Be yourself

(2:39) "The greatest of people that have ever been in society, they were never versions of someone else. They were themselves." Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson answers the question of how to be him.