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94%VideoJan 2008

Story of Scientology

Scene from ABC's Boston Legal, quizzing a Scientologist

94%AnimationMay 2007

South Park - Scientology

Stan gets enlightened

91%VideoJan 2008

Scientology's crazy followers

Mark Bunker harassed and intimidated by cult heavies

90%VideoJul 2011

L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson attacks his great-grandfather

(8:49) A powerful performance from the heart. L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson Jamie DeWolf tells the story of his great-grandfather, the founder of Scientology, a science-fiction writer who knew that starting a religion was a sure way to make money. Lots of money.

90%VideoAug 2009

Conversation with a scientologist

August 2009, East Grinstead, UK, a Church of Scientology Sea Org member is asked if he knew that David Miscavige had been beating his staff

89%VideoJan 2008

Q: Scientology A: Anonymous

Chilling address to the leaders of the cult

88%VideoJan 2008

Anonymous - Second address to Scientology

Vigilantes escalate their attack on the cult

88%AnimationMar 2006

Death of Chef

Voice of Scientologist Isaac Hayes laid to rest

87%VideoJan 2008

Xenu TV's Mark Bunker speaks to Anonymous

Cult critic urges hackers to fight Scientology legally

87%PictureDec 2013

Scientology's lavish multi-million dollar HQ

(24 pics) The Church of Scientology's $145 million luxurious spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.