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90%VideoJun 2006

Fox News and Westboro Church clash

Heated debate over God, fags and the Bible


89%VideoDec 2009

George Carlin vs. Fred Phelps

After Fred Phelps boasted 'George Carlin is in Hell' shortly after his death, George Carlin rose from the grave to answer him


89%VideoJun 2012

Answer phone message from Westboro Baptist Church

(2:39) So extreme they have become a joke. Callers beware, this is the Westboro Baptist Church's answer message.


88%VideoFeb 2011

Son of Westboro Baptist Church leader defects

Nate Phelps, son of Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps who became infamous for picketing the funerals of gay people with signs that carry slogans like 'God Hates Fags', has recently begun speaking out publicly against the family and the fundamentalism he was born into 51 years ago.


88%VideoNov 2012

Russell Brand interviews Westboro Baptist Church members

(10:54) Fag Pimp Russell Brand faced with Steve and Timothy from the Westboro Baptist Church.


88%VideoJul 2013

The Devil and Mrs Phelps

(0:37) New York's Satanic Temple members celebrated gay love on the tomb of Westboro Church founder Fred Phelp's mum.


88%VideoSep 2009

Red State Update chats up cute Westboro Baptist Church babe

Jackie and Dunlap's visit to Saddleback Church's Civil Forum on the Presidency in Orange County, California


87%VideoJul 2011

Thunderf00t vs Westboro Baptist Church

(19:01) YouTube atheist Thunderf00t interviews Margie and Megan Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church. It's a difficult discussion that feels as if it could turn to fists at any moment. Thunderf00t finally got to ask whether Jesus endorsed homosexuality. That question swiftly ended the interview.


87%VideoJan 2013

Fox News: Westboro Baptist Church is a left-wing cult

(6:45) Fox News pushes the boundaries of comedy, yet again.


86%VideoMay 2006

Thank God for dead soldiers

Westboro Baptist Church warns the nation