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93%VideoSep 2011

Anonymous message: Occupy the planet

With the advent of social networks and groups like Anonymous, people power now has teeth, as demonstrated by the Arab Spring. Leaderless 'hacking' group Anonymous calls for the 99% to take part and occupy.


93%VideoOct 2011

Signs of Occupation

Disparate messages but all pointing in the same direction. Music: UB40 - Rat in Mi Kitchen.

93%AnimationNov 2011

Is it really 99% vs 1%?

"We are the 99%" is the rallying cry of the Occupy movement. So how unequal is the US.? Guardian interactive Mariana Santos animates the key data.


93%SoundDec 2011

Adam Carolla's rant about the Occupy generation

(9:26) American comedian and radio host Adam Carolla attacks the Occupy generation as the first generation with the mentality of envy.


93%VideoAug 2014

The roots of unrest in Ferguson, explained in 2 minutes

(2:22) The residents of Ferguson, Missouri, have taken to the streets to protest the shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on Augsut 9, 2014.


93%VideoAug 2015

Cows go to market for milk protest

(3:28) Two cows are marched through an Asda supermarket in Stafford as protest against the low price farmers are paid for milk.


93%VideoMay 2012

Chris Hedges - Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

(3:13) Journalist Chris Hedges and graphic artist Joe Sacco travelled to the most depressed pockets of the United States to illustrate the effect of corporate profit run amok, in their book 'Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt'.


93%PictureApr 2011

Superhero joins the fight for democracy


93%VideoApr 2010

Sinead O'Connor's war against child abuse in Catholic Church

In 1992, Sinead O'Connor was booed off stage after tearing up a picture of Pope John Paul II on SNL in protest against the covering up of child abuse in the Catholic Church. Live at Madison Square Gardens, Bob Dylan Tribute 1992.


92%VideoMay 2011

Dramatic rescue in Syrian protest

Snipers hold protestors at bay as they try to rescue an injured friend and his bike during protests in Daraa in Syria