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95%VideoOct 2012

Best Halloween costume

(5:59) Halloween costume inspired by Landstriders in the fantasy movie The Dark Crystal.


94%VideoOct 2013

Baby LED Halloween costume

(0:22) From YT: "Quick preview of the LED light suit I made for my daughter. She is 22 months old and loves wearing the suit."


94%VideoNov 2014

Teddy bear takes some exercise


94%VideoMar 2012

Firemen fighting fire in drag

(0:45) What a drag! A pickup truck burst into flames, but fortunately a nearby fire crew were on hand, albeit in party mood while on the way to a fireman's ball.

93%PictureSep 2011

Embarrassed horse


93%PictureNov 2011

I can't believe it's not udder!

Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, authors of 'The Quantum Universe: Everything that can happen does happen' talk about how some of the simplest questions can only be answered with an understanding of quantum theory


92%VideoOct 2014

LED Halloween costume upgrade for 2014 - Minnie Mouse edition

(2:03) "After last year's costume went absolutely nuts, I had to make a new one that was much, much better..."


90%VideoNov 2009

Latin Labrador

Strictly Come Dancing couple wow judges


89%PictureOct 2009

Halloween costumes for dogs


88%VideoOct 2011

World's strongest baby preparing for Halloween

I thought Halloween was supposed to be scary. Costume designed and constructed by Jack Kalvan for Halloween 2005. Great costumes never die.