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93%PictureSep 2012

Dumping ground

Can you write a better caption?

91%VideoMar 2007

Lost in Catacombs

Found footage from the depths of Paris

88%VideoJul 2013

The Devil and Mrs Phelps

(0:37) New York's Satanic Temple members celebrated gay love on the tomb of Westboro Church founder Fred Phelp's mum.

88%PictureNov 2010

Funeral March

87%PictureFeb 2007

Aeroplane graveyard

Planes passed their fly-by date

87%VideoNov 2012

The Screw-In Coffin

(3:37) For those who prefer not to be cremated, mechanical engineer Donald Scruggs has invented an environmentally more-friendly coffin, that in the cold light of day, actually makes total sense.

83%PictureJan 2007

Jet cemetery

Those magnificent flying machines laid to rest

81%PictureAug 2005


To the brave hearts who gave their lives

71%VideoSep 2004

Grave visit

46%PictureSep 2003

Harv was there