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88%VideoJul 2017

Fareed Zakaria: Trump has made US irrelevant around the world

(3:59) Can the rest of the world make do without America?


88%VideoSep 2007

'Iraq war is largely about oil' says Alan Greenspan

Lantos agrees with the politcally inconvenient truth

87%VideoApr 2009

CNN weatherman Chad Myers on 'Global Warming'

American Meteorological Society certified meteorologist puts forward his view on 'Lou Dobbs Tonight'


87%VideoSep 2010

Beer vs. pot debate in California

Proposition 19 will make getting stoned in California legal. Unexpected opposition to Proposition 19 comes from the Californian Beer and Beverage Distributors, as they protect their business against likely commercial rivals. Two larger-than-life men debate the issue on CNN.


87%VideoSep 2011

Explain it to me - The Buffett Rule

President Obama wants to tax the rich more and has proposed The Buffett Rule. CNN's Christine Romans explains.


87%VideoJan 2012

CNN inside Anonymous

(14:59) Who are these people and why are they taking to the streets? CNN reporter Amber Lyon goes inside hactivist group Anonymous.


87%VideoApr 2013

CNN - How Korean war might play out

(3:07) CNN's Tom Foreman and retired General James Marks map out potential strategies if North Korea attacks South Korea.


87%VideoApr 2013

CNN - How big are North Korea's bombs?

(2:10) CNN's Tom Foreman looks into how far North Korea's missiles could go and how powerful they are.


87%VideoOct 2013

Stoned drivers go driving under the influence

(5:15) Three very stoned drivers go for a driving test under the watchful eyes of a drug recognition expert. So how did they do?


87%VideoMar 2014

CNN: Is black hole theory for missing jet preposterous?

(1:03) CNN's Don Lemon asks a serious question about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.