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96%VideoSep 2011

Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul being booed for his 9/11 analysis

(5:16) Author of "9/11: Was There An Alternative?" Noam Chomsky responded to Ron Paul's comments by saying, "I think what he said is completely uncontroversial. You can read it in government documents...". Ron Paul criticised US foreign policy as the catalyst for the 9/11 attrocities during the Republican presidential debates.


95%VideoAug 2011

Ron Paul: More people have died in the drug wars than from the drugs themselves

(5:41) Republican US congressman Ron Paul puts the case for legalising drugs, not because he advocates drug use, but because he believes the drug wars are worse


94%VideoMar 2012

Ron Paul supporters cry fraud

(9:04) Brad Friedman, investigative journalist and publisher of the Brad Blog, gives his take on why Ron Paul supporters are getting angry.

94%VideoOct 2008

Peter Schiff predicted the current credit crisis in 2006

Economic adviser to Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, foresaw in detail the current real estate/mortgage debacle before anyone else even realized it was coming.


94%VideoAug 2012

Gary Johnson's speech at Paul Fest 2012

(13:36) Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, is the Libertarian Party nominee for US President in the 2012 election in November.


93%VideoJan 2008

Ron Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer (Jan 6, 2008)

Unorthodox Republican candidate answers his critics


93%VideoJan 2008

MyFOX - The Ron Paul Revolution

Time for the American empire to end


92%VideoSep 2011

Tea Party crowd boo Ron Paul for saying we shouldn't blame all Muslims

Did Ron Paul blow his chances as Republican leader at the CNN Republican presidential debate?


91%VideoFeb 2008

Ron Paul and Frank Zappa - The danger of American fascism

Interviews twenty years apart resonate

91%SoundJul 2008

Ron Paul kicks Laura Ingraham's ass

Speaking on the illegal war in Iraq