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97%VideoNov 2012

Racist Aussies abuse a French girl on a bus

(2:39) From uploader: "Don't fuel the hate with more hate, just want these guys to feel embarrassed."


97%VideoMay 2013

Bill Burr - Oddly racist comment

(2:04) American comedian Bill Burr on the fascinating rules of racism.

97%VideoMar 2011

Neil deGrasse Tyson, black astrophysicist

(12:21) Science communicator and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells of when at college, a comment from a wrestling teammate floored him. A wonderful story of how he battled his conscience to become an astrophysicist.


97%VideoJun 2014

Black woman face-to-face with neo-Nazis

(4:32) Mo Asumang interviews neo-Nazis and the KKK for her new documentary, The Aryans.


95%VideoNov 2013

Richard Herring: The racist is more liberal than the liberal

(4:44) Wooly liberal comedian Richard Herring compares the world through the eyes of liberals and racists.


95%VideoNov 2014

Harvard students take the 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test

(5:19) The Louisiana Literacy Test was full of confusing pointless questions that was used to stop black citizens from voting.


95%VideoMar 2012

Reginald D Hunter discusses discrimination

(3:56) As an American comedian living in Britain, Reginald D Hunter explains Britain's state-of-the-art discrimination.


94%VideoSep 2014

Johnathan Gentry's rant on the riots

(6:18) Black minister Johnathan Gentry gives a passionate speech about the Ferguson riots.


94%VideoMar 2011

Asians in the library - Music video response

Musical message for UCLA student Alexandra Wallace, that's if she can spare some time between her epiphanies


94%VideoNov 2013

Matt Dillahunty: Bible is a cavalcade of immorality

(11:31) Matt Dillahunty delivers a scathing attack on morality in the Bible after William from California called and asked: "Do blacks and whites come from the same ape?"