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87%VideoMay 2012

Cambodia's bamboo railway

(7:09) Enterprising locals in Battambang, Cambodia's second city, have developed a unique railway made from recycled tank wheels, small motorcycle engines and lashings of bamboo.

87%VideoNov 2014

The Boneyard, where you can touch history

(9:26) The Boneyard in Arizona, is where Air Force planes go rest after serving mankind. But it's not a graveyard as most people imagine.

87%PictureJan 2015

Tiny homes made from recycled pallets

When a report claimed 84% of the world's refugees could be housed with a year's supply of recycled American pallets, I-Beam took on the challenge to turn this into reality.


87%VideoApr 2016

SciShow - How does recycling work?

(8:53) What happens to your stuff after you toss it into the recycling bin.

87%VideoNov 2016

BMW's recycling centre

(3:15) How BMW recycle their test, prototype and reasearch vehicles.

87%VideoMay 2017

The Circular Economy: Making environmentalism pay

(14:13) Turning waste into profit, a business model for the future.


87%VideoDec 2017

Inflating airliner's evacuation slide

(0:34) End of the year clean up at Dutch aircraft recycling company Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions.


87%VideoJan 2018

The waste we don't need, and how to get rid of it

(7:02) Single-use items aren't helping the fight against climate change but there are easy hacks to reduce and reuse.


87%VideoFeb 2018

Norway's solution to recycling plastic

(1:18) The world has a problem with plastic. This is how Norway's plastic bottle recycling scheme works.


87%VideoMar 2011

50W light bulb from a plastic water bottle!

An engineer in Brazil has discovered that water bottles filled with water and bleach can work remarkably well as light bulbs. Obvious benefits are that it's clean and almost free, but also that the light is diffuse and natural.