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97%VideoMar 2012

Anthony Griffith - The best of times, the worst of times

(9:22) A comic must always be a comic, even if underneath he's suffering excruciating heartbreak.


97%AnimationJan 2016

If the cuckoo don't crow

(1:50) Strange but true and funny weather story.


97%VideoOct 2015

How Joe Lycett deals with a parking fine

(2:25) British comedian Joe Lycett tells the story of when he got a parking fine.

97%VideoMar 2011

Neil deGrasse Tyson, black astrophysicist

(12:21) Science communicator and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells of when at college, a comment from a wrestling teammate floored him. A wonderful story of how he battled his conscience to become an astrophysicist.


96%AnimationSep 2013


(10:39) Fantastic beat poem by comedian Tim Minchin, animated by DC Turner.


96%AnimationOct 2015

The Saint of Dry Creek

(3:30) Patrick Haggerty was the son of a dairy farmer. As a teenager he began to understand he was gay - something he thought he was hiding quite well.


95%VideoSep 2010

WW2 veteran recounts a remarkable experience

(2:14) The power of music, as told by 90-year-old WW2 veteran Colonel Jack Leroy Tueller.


94%VideoDec 2011

Jimmy Stewart reads his poem about his dog Beau

(4:21) American film actor James "Jimmy" Stewart, known for his distinctive voice, reads a moving poem he wrote about his dog Beau.


94%VideoJun 2013

When Jackie Chan picked a fight with Bruce Lee

(1:49) Jackie Chan tells of when, as a young upcoming martial arts star, he got the chance to act opposite Bruce Lee in 'Enter The Dragon'.


94%VideoMar 2014

Bill Nye sinks Noah's Ark

(4:39) Science Guy Bill Nye sinks the Bible's boat with logic and evidence.