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91%VideoSep 2009

15-year-old Stripper's Grandma Attacks Cameraman with a hoe

When a news crew went to Rosemary Lumpkin's house, the mother who called police about her daughter working at a strip club, a woman who answered the door came after the cameraman with a garden hoe


90%VideoFeb 2007

Striptease - Idol

No tease - just naked in a flash


88%VideoMay 2008

Woman stripped by digger

Construction worker's dream come true as a giant mechanical shovel slowly strips off a woman's clothes on Italian TV


88%VideoApr 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009 - Fabia Cerra

35-year-old housewife dances for the judges


87%AnimationAug 2010

Paint Burlesque

Very cool yet very hot Hannah Tasker-Poland paint stripping in stop motion. Concept and body paint by Yolanda Bartram from BodyFX.

87%VideoMay 2009

Fat stripper pole dance

Girl that knows how to bring the house down


86%VideoApr 2011

Webcam strip FAIL

Fake or fail, that's for you to decide. I hope it's fail.


85%VideoMay 2009

Joanna Lumley strips for Children in Need (1983)

A man had called the switchboard and promised that he would send one million pounds the next day, on the condition that Joanna Lumley would strip to her suspenders. This request was relayed to her, and after it passed the 9pm watershed she fulfilled the request. The next day the million turned up by private courier.


81%VideoOct 2009

Supermodels strip for a cooler world

Climate change campaign. More info at


80%VideoNov 2008

German teacher caught stripping for lucky teens

Things get out of hand as a pretty teacher puts on her own extracurricular activities. Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.