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94%AnimationAug 2014

Humans need not apply

(15:01) Robots are not coming to take your job, they are already here. CGP Grey looks at how automation will take over your job.


91%VideoMay 2014

The Real News - Does a higher minimum wage cost jobs?

(20:51) Economists Bob Pollin and Anthony Davies debate whether a higher minimum wage means less jobs for young people with less skills.


88%PictureOct 2008

Hard times

Take pity and give a little Xtra


87%AnimationOct 2016

Unemployment in America, 1990 - 2016

(1:04) Flowing data shows how unemployment levels changed from the 90s to today.

86%VideoAug 2010

Levi's - Go forth, go work

Filmed on location and starring residents of Braddock, PA, a city which has been in severe economic decline. Since the nineties, Levi's have been manufactured outside of the US. Levi's history is also littered with scandals involving poor pay and conditions for its workers.


54%Apr 2002

Bold move by Ferrari management