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96%VideoAug 2011

British Army riot control training

(2:51) Coming from plenty of experience in Northern Ireland, the British Army show their American counterparts how they deal with petrol bombs.


94%VideoSep 2011

Bomb disposal operator at work

(3:20) For the first time, the Ministry of Defence has allowed the work of specialist bomb disposal teams in Afghanistan to be shown in a new BBC 1 documentary, The Bomb Squad


94%AnimationNov 2015

How air strikes against ISIS compare to WW2

(2:00) BBC's Neal Razzell compares the bombing of ISIS with bombing in other wars, like NATO's bombing of Serbia, Iraq, and WW2.


94%VideoOct 2012

What keeps nuclear weapons from proliferating?

(4:39) This is not about the politics, it's about the physics. Bill "Engineering Guy" Hammack explains how a nuclear bomb is biult.


94%VideoSep 2013

Bill Maher's New Rules - Bombing Random Countries

(4:41) All kidding Assad, Bill Maher comments on America's tendency to bomb foreign countries.


93%VideoApr 2017

Russia's Father Of All Bombs

(2:47) Russia has actually tested a more powerful non-nuclear bomb than MOAB.


93%VideoSep 2007

Close call in Iraq

US convoy narrowly escape roadside bomb


92%VideoApr 2018

Canadian Dambuster reconstruction

(1:41) Cambridge engineer Dr Hugh Hunt recreates Barnes Wallis' WW2 bouncing bomb.

92%VideoDec 2008

Big bomb detonated in a lake

One way of making waves


91%VideoMar 2009

1950s high-altitude bomber, the XB-70 Valkyrie

Conceived for the Strategic Air Command in the 1950s as a high-altitude waveriding bomber that could fly three times the speed of sound