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87%PictureNov 2011

Nuclear firepower

How much firepower do nuclears weapons really have?


87%VideoOct 2012

Netanyahu: Red lines don't lead to war, red lines prevent wars

(11:53) After Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu's dramatic speech (illustrated with a cartoon bomb) at the UN General Assembly, Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren, explains the Israeli position to Wolf Blitzer on CNN.


87%VideoNov 2012

Gaza Parkour Team - Despite the pain, there is hope

(3:56) 14 November 2012: Gaza Parkour Team practice their sport in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis to a background of Israeli bombing.


87%VideoMay 2014

Massive bomb detonated in Syria

(0:39) May 4, 2014: Massive bomb destroys a Syrian checkpoint killing at least 30 people.


87%VideoJul 2014

B-52 Stratofortress drops its load

(1:06) Bombs away over Farallon de Medinilla (FDM), a target island 180 miles NNE of Guam in the Pacific Ocean.


87%PictureDec 2015

US bomb truckers with leaflets

The US military are giving ISIS a 45 minute warning before bombing their oil tankers.


87%VideoSep 2017

Why North Korea can't build an ICBM ... yet

(8:17) Building ICBMs is hard. After all, it is rocket science.

87%AnimationSep 2017

Aerial bombing techniques explained

(2:22) The most common ways planes drop bombs, including the unconventional routine called the "idiot's loop".

87%VideoNov 2009

Bomb-proof wallpaper

Wrecking ball tested on breeze blocks and bricks


87%VideoJun 2009

Tank diffuses a car bomb in Iraq

M1A1 Abrams tank feels the force after receiving an all clear signal