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87%VideoNov 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the end of 'Interstellar'

(3:10) Whether or not you have seen Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar', the idea of accessing your time line is fascinating and not unreasonable, as Neil deGrasse Tyson explains.

87%VideoOct 2014

2001: A Space Odyssey - Modern BFI trailer

(2:01) BFI trailer for the big screen return of Stanley Kubrick's classic sci-fi spectacular.


87%VideoNov 2012

Testing the alien queen 'chestburster' from Alien 3

(1:36) Sigourney Weaver did help, but testing the alien animatronics mostly went to crew member Mark Coulier, the boy with the most ladylike hair.


87%VideoJun 2008

'Ufo of Los Roques' - Manbird

Attack footage - Unknown military installation


87%VideoNov 2007

Terminator 2 - The big chase

Shape-shifting cyborg out to kill future leader


86%VideoDec 2015

Starships size comparison

(3:37) Not all starships are created equal.


86%VideoMay 2008

Sci Fi - Balloon dog

Peculiar ident for American cable TV channel


84%VideoJun 2008

Retro Atari commercial

Advert originally presented in movie theatres in 1982 to promote Atari's newest arcade game, Dig Dug

84%VideoApr 2008

The Omega Man - Charlton Heston, the last man on Earth

A film made in 1971 which is based on the 1954 sci fi novel by by Richard Matheson, 'I Am Legend'


84%VideoJul 2007

The Matrix - Lobby shootout

Neo and Trinity take matters into their own hands