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95%Mar 2015

Anyone who believes in infinite growth on a finite planet is...

Anyone who believes in infinite growth on a finite planet is either mad or an economist. David Attenborough, English broadcaster and naturalist.


95%VideoMar 2012

Union Car Wash Tornado

(1:34) Frightening footage of a tornado passing CCTV camera mounted atop Union Car Wash in Springfield, Illinois.


95%VideoMay 2014

Supercells over Climax

(2:57) May 10, 2014: Time-lapse cinematography of the structured supercell outbreak near Climax, Kansas

95%VideoAug 2014

Mother nature's dark side

(0:14) A beautiful rainbow captured in Blaiken, northern Sweden.

95%VideoDec 2014

Bill Nye explains why climate change is so hard to stop

(2:45) If the United States were out in front, the whole world would follow.


95%VideoJul 2015

Icelandic fog waterfall

(1:25) Fog flows off the cliffs of Latrabjarg in Iceland.


95%VideoFeb 2017

Tree avalanche captured by dashcam

(1:11) Near miss turns to near fatality of the conifer kind.

95%VideoNov 2005

Earth to America - Will Ferrell

Special address from the president


95%VideoMar 2008

German scientists link biogas, wind and solar

(7:26) The entire country could be powered by renewables.


94%VideoNov 2012

TYT - Romney's faux-to op

(4:53) How was Romney going to remain in the public's mind without looking insensitive towards Sandy's victims?