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94%VideoOct 2016

Honest ad for the Dakota Access Pipeline

(2:05) Informative.


94%VideoOct 2016

USA 2016: 220 significant oil pipeline leaks

(3:40) The amount of oil spilled on American soil is increasing at an alarming rate, yet there's hardly a mention from mainstream media.


93%VideoSep 2012

Romney's energy policy inspired by Hitler!

(1:04) Tact, something an American president should have in abundance, is certainly lacking in Mitt Romney.


93%VideoMay 2014

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways

(7:00) It's the roadway of the future.


93%VideoJun 2012

AirPod, car that runs on air

(4:58) An amazing affordable car that runs on air.


93%VideoSep 2012

Joe Jordan - The solar window of opportunity

(13:19) Are we going to make it as a species? That is the question.

93%VideoNov 2012

Vlog #24 - Element 92

(6:17) What type of civilisation are we? A thought-provoking line of thinking into our future as a civilisation.


93%VideoJan 2015

Thorium, a clean energy solution

(11:13) The case for thorium, how nuclear power should have been.


92%VideoMay 2014

Solar Roadways, on route to manufacturing

(4:52) Solar Roadways is a smart modular paving system of solar panels that pay for themselves from the electricity they generate.


92%VideoMay 2018

Why battery packs are winning over hydrogen fuel cells

(5:38) Most electric cars are "fuelled" from batteries, but some use hydrogen fuel cells instead.