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96%VideoMay 2013

Quantum cooling to near absolute zero

(9:57) Complex physics made slightly less complex. Professor Andrea Morello explains how to use helium-3 and helium-4 to get within thousandths of a degree above absolute zero.


93%VideoMar 2008

Lionel Richie on helium

(1:17) Lionel Richie sings his classic hit 'Hello', only a few octaves higher.


91%VideoSep 2008

Mythbusters - Fun with gas

Adam explains why helium turns you into Donald Duck, and sulfur hexafluoride into Satan


90%VideoAug 2013

Airships to transport cargo above the clouds

(2:03) American airship manufacturer Aeros is building a blimp-like cargo vehicle capable of transporting massive loads.


90%VideoJun 2008

Helium, hydrogen peroxide and smoke rings on Ellen

Steve Spangler's first appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


89%VideoJan 2011

Vin Diesel on helium

Jonathan Ross plays with Vin Diesel's deep manly voice. Strangely, he seemed ignorant of the effect of helium on voices.


89%VideoJul 2008

Balloon launch FAIL

Students releasing helium balloons for orphans at the University of West England in Bristol


88%VideoJul 2009

Helium-3, the future of nuclear fusion? (1 of 2)

Will the Moon save the Earth? Moonbase is planned for 2020. Nominated by Astroboy

88%VideoApr 2012

Airborne wind turbine prototype 2012

(1:30) First public video of a 35-foot-wide airborne wind turbine by Altaeros Energies. The scale prototype harnessed strong winds up to 350 feet high to produce over twice the power of traditional wind turbines.


88%VideoApr 2008

Brainiac - Helium orchestra

Richard Hammond conducts an experiment testing the effect of helium on wind instruments