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94%VideoDec 2013

Everything is a Remix - The iPhone

(7:49) Evolution of smartphone interface design.

93%VideoJul 2014

Touch screens of the future

(4:01) Chris Harrison from Carnegie Mellon University explores new ways to interact with screens in the future.

91%VideoOct 2006

MIT drawing board

A natural approach to engineering design


88%VideoMay 2009

g-speak, spacial operating environment

Oblong Industries creates an operating system with a Minority Report-style interface


88%VideoMar 2012

See-through 3D desktop

(1:49) You have to see to believe. Very interesting computer interface that could work really well.


88%VideoMar 2012

NUIverse, interface for outer space

(11:05) Space exploration from your armchair. Demo of the amazing NUIverse application designed by David Brown for the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface.


88%VideoJun 2015

Google's Project Soli

(3:56) Hands are fast and precise instruments. Project Soli is exploring the possibilities of hand control for virtual technology.

88%VideoMay 2016

Smart mirror mirror on the wall

(3:27) Real working mirror running on software written by Ryan Nelwan.


88%VideoNov 2008

G-Speak - 'Minority Report' style OS comes to fruition

Science advisor from Spielberg's Minority Report created a real-world implementation of the computer systems seen in the film. It combines gestural i/o, recombinant networking, and real-world pixels, to deliver what the creators call the first major step in a computer interface since 1984.


87%VideoJun 2011

Predator, a camera that learns

Clever visual object tracking developed by Czech computer graduate Zdenek Kalal. The unique tracking, learning and detection software opens up possibilities not previously feasible.