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88%VideoNov 2016

Adobe Creative Cloud | Project VoCo

(7:20) Don't believe what you hear.

88%VideoApr 2017

Wikileaks reveals CIA can mask hacks as work of foreign hackers

(6:54) WikiLeaks' latest batch of documents detail CIA hacking tactics and how they can hamper investigators.


87%VideoFeb 2011

VLC vs. the world

VLC, a free open-source media player battles the big boys. Made by the VLC team.


87%VideoJan 2009

Microsoft Songsmith classic hit: Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Original vocal track from the 1982 recording and everything else by Microsoft Songsmith


87%VideoJun 2009

VideoTrace, 3D modelling from tracing

A system for interactively generating realistic 3D models of objects from video. The user interacts with VideoTrace by tracing the shape of the object to be modelled over one or more frames of the video.


87%VideoDec 2010

Word Lens iPhone app

English / Spanish translator that instantly translates printed words using the video camera on your iPhone. No internet necessary, beautifully simple and perfect for travellers. Looking forward to more languages.


87%AnimationNov 2011

Stuxnet - Anatomy of a computer virus

Infographic about Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely from code. This was produced for Australian TV program HungryBeast on Australia's ABC1 by Patrick Clair.


87%VideoDec 2011

African bullfrog plays Ant Crusher

You can fool frogs some of the time...


87%VideoMar 2012

North Korean Photoshop tutorial

(2:58) There's no crime against humanity a spot brush can't fix.

87%VideoApr 2012

So you think you know how to use Photoshop?

(4:04) It is often said that when it comes to art, knowing when to stop is the key.