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96%VideoJan 2009

Ray Bethell, multiple kite world champion and record holder

(5:03) Taking to the skies in his home town at Vancouver's Vanier Park, BC Canada. Ray started sport kite flying in 1980 and for many years he flew in team competitions with his team 'The Vancouver High Flyers'.


94%VideoApr 2015

Stunt kite teases a kid on the beach


94%VideoFeb 2013

Spencer Watson indoor kite-flying performance

(4:00) Spencer Watson at the 12th Annual Windless Kite Festival performing in the individual indoor competition.


92%VideoAug 2008

Kite surfing accident in tropical storm Fay

Surfer lifted into air by fierce wind and thrown into building (2008)


91%VideoJan 2009

Kite tube nose dive

Guy glides on a Manta Ray pulled by a speed boat only to take a sudden flying dive


91%VideoJan 2005

Kite flying

Wind power proves unpredictable


89%VideoNov 2005

Kite fly

Gone with the wind

89%VideoNov 2009

Daredevil kite surfers jump Worthing Pier

Jake Scrace, 25, and Lewis Crathern, 24, use the waves as a ramp to leap 40ft across Worthing Pier in East Sussex, UK. They had planned the jump for three years but had to wait for perfect weather conditions. November 2009.


88%VideoOct 2009

Kite boarder catches massive gust!

Unexpected flight


88%VideoMay 2016

Giant flying octopus

(1:00) A giant octopus soars majestically over Marina Barrage in Singapore.