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88%VideoJun 2008

'Robo-One Soccer Cup' Tournament, Tokyo, Japan 2007

The robot players are controlled by their creators


88%VideoJun 2009

Robot Ziggy takes it out on a washing machine

Super heavyweight wedge-bot spins, tumbles and mashes up machine during Battle Beach 4 at the Volusia County Fair, Florida

88%VideoSep 2009

Deep Green & Augmented Reality Pool

The RCVLab at Queen's University demonstrates Deep Green, a pool playing robot, and ARPool, an augmented reality system for teaching the science of pool


88%VideoNov 2010

Obama in Japan

President Obama meets service robot HRP-4C and test drives Japan's latest mobility scooter, all in the line of duty of course


88%VideoJul 2011

DJ Sures introduces his Wall-E robot

(5:23) Built using the EZ-B Robot controller and the EZ-Builder robot control software. For information on how to build your own Wall-E, visit:

88%VideoApr 2012

RHex rough-terrain robot

(1:53) Designed for mobility on rough terrain, RHex is operated remotely and includes a high-resolution video uplink.


88%VideoApr 2012

Creepily realistic robot can hold conversations

(2:46) Jules (robot) is about to be shipped off to the University of New England. His creators have come to say goodbye.


88%VideoApr 2012

Robot world we have to look forward to

(3:34) Online humourist and commentator Ze Frank looks at the depressing yet happy future in store for us.


88%VideoMay 2012

Transformer version 8

(2:26) Inspired by Japanese mechanical-robot fantasy series, 'Brave'.

88%VideoAug 2012

Carl Sagan's vision of robots on Mars

(4:28) American astronomer and science populariser Carl Sagan played a leading role in the Mariner and Viking missions to Mars. Unfortunately he died just before the first Mars rover landed on Mars in 1997.