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88%VideoDec 2016

Remarkable seal encounter

(2:01) Irish journalist Charlie Bird meets seals while travelling through Antarctica.

87%VideoMay 2011

Are there insane penguins?

The sad story of a deranged penguin. From Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World (2007).


87%VideoJun 2013

Bedrock beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

(2:00) Using ice-penetrating radar, scientists are updating the map of the underlying surface terrain under Antarctica's ice.


87%VideoMar 2014

Big Bang legacy discovered

(3:15) Evidence that the universe expanded extremely rapidly in the first nanosecond of its existence, has been found by scientists in Antarctica.


87%VideoJul 2014

John Oliver - Antarctica, stop coming here

(2:52) John Oliver does his bit to save Antarctica from pesky tourists with eyes only for penguins.


87%VideoOct 2014

Arctic and Antarctic respond differently to global warming

(1:43) Overall, the planet is warming, but as the Arctic ice melts, Antarctica's sea ice is expanding and setting new records.


87%VideoMay 2015

10,000-year-old Antarctic ice shelf is disintegrating

(1:10) May 2015: New NASA research shows that 10,000-year-old Antarctic ice shelf called Larsen B, will likely disintegrate within the next 5 years due to warming conditions.

87%VideoNov 2015

If global warming is real, why is Antarctic ice growing?

(5:16) NASA released a study showing Antarctica is gaining ice at a faster rate than it's losing it. How can this be if the climate is warming?

87%VideoMar 2016

NASA's Operation Icebridge

(8:33) NASA's Operation IceBridge studies how the ice is changing in the Antarctica.

87%VideoJul 2016

How long can Antarctica remain ungoverned?

(4:00) Science has kept Antarctica ungoverned, but for how long?