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93%VideoFeb 2012

Apple launches iNett

(1:28) On this one, Apple are behind the curve. Did you know that anti-suicide nets are actually installed at Foxconn's Shenzhen factory in China?

93%VideoSep 2005

Thousand-hand Bodhisattva

Deaf Chinese dancers perform exquisite dance


92%VideoFeb 2012

Man lights firework on manhole cover

(0:41) The lesson is, don't. Methane and fire mix too well as this incident in Xiangtan, China, shows.


92%VideoApr 2011

Shuffling 9-year-old Chinese girl

(5:14) Day out in Beijing. A 9-year-old girl shuffles in Tiananmen Square and in front of the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium.


92%VideoMar 2008

The Onion - China celebrates status as world's top polluter

Chinese ambassador exuberant that his country has achieved such a high status


92%VideoMay 2009

Chinese acrobatic head balancing act

Unusual act with a young guy who seems very capable on his head


92%VideoSep 2007

Chinese Army Remix

Mix of various Chinese propaganda films. Music: Monster Truck Driver by T Raumschmiere / Dabrye


92%VideoSep 2012

Adam Hills - Best thing I saw at the Paralympics

(3:48) Australian stand-up comedian Adam Hills tells the story of armless Chinese swimmer He Junquan when he swam the 4 x 50m medley.


91%VideoMar 2010

Chinese coin magic

A Chinese magician performs some amazing coin tricks with a mind-blowing finale


91%VideoSep 2010

Chinese workers pack playing cards

Sleight of hand is not exclusive to magicians. These Chinese workers have mastered the art of packing playing cards.