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94%VideoNov 2015

The river of five colours

(1:15) The Colombian river Cano Cristales, aka liquid rainbow, is the only one of its kind, bursting into spectacular colour between the wet and dry seasons.

93%VideoMay 2015

Colombian police in heroic dog rescue

(1:16) May 2015. Colombian police rescue a dog being swept away down the Liboriana river after heavy rains fell.


90%VideoApr 2013

Quick cop saves suicidal man

(1:11) CCTV captures a dramatic moment in Medellin, Colombia, when a quick-thinking police officer pulled a suicidal man away from the platform edge.


87%VideoFeb 2016

There and Back Colombia

(1:48) Unique backpack's POV of a traveller's real-life journey through Colombia.

87%VideoApr 2016

Activists condemn Obama's free trade deals in 2011

(5:05) Activists in 2011 from Colombia, South Korea and Panama explain why the free trade deals with their countries are a bad idea.

86%VideoMar 2018

Living on the most densely populated island on Earth

(1:30) Two hours off the coast of Colombia lies Santa Cruz del Islote, an island that spans the length of 2 football fields.