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93%VideoJul 2013

Very smart 12-year-old kid protests Egypt's fascist theocracy

(2:50) October 19, 2012: Interview with 12-year-old Ali Ahmed by Egyptian newspaper El Wady.


93%VideoApr 2014

How to end an interview like a boss

(0:11) Meanwhile in Egypt...

91%VideoAug 2012

Painting with coloured sand in a glass bottle

(9:55) Street art in Egypt. A sand-artist creates another souvenir for tourists.


90%VideoFeb 2013

Remembering the 2011 Egyptian uprising

(4:27) The revolution will be televised, the iconic images that stoked the 18 days of Egypt's 2011 uprising.


90%VideoFeb 2011

Obama's reaction to Mubarak's resignation

President Obama delivers an inspiring speech in support of the Egyptian people after they hear that Mubarak stepped down. Memorable line from a young Egyptian man: Even though I'm only one person, this is the way real democracy works.


89%VideoJul 2007

Crane drops steam roller

Pyramid builders lose the plot


88%PictureJan 2011

Unrest in Egypt

One week on and there is no sign of the riots abating, in fact the opposite


88%VideoJan 2011

Juju's message to President Mubarak

An 8-year-old Saudi girl advises President Mubarak of Egypt about the unrest in his country. Perhaps her advice should be heeded by her own country's leader, King Abdullah, the reigning monarch of Saudi Arabia, where the concept of elections has still to be understood.


88%VideoJan 2011

Confrontation on Egyptian streets, but who's on whose side?

Raw footage from Cairo's Tahir Square following a night of massive unrest. Evidence that the tide is turning and, quite possibly for better, the Middle East is changed forever.


88%VideoFeb 2011

Bill O'Reilly's Super Bowl interview with Obama

(14:16) During the pregame show for Super Bowl XLV, Bill O'Reilly interviewed Obama. Topics included the crisis in Egypt, how the presidency has changed him personally and politically.