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88%AnimationApr 2008

Air Vigorsol - Farting penguins save Antarctica

Flatulence halts global warming


88%VideoMay 2010

Starlings in Rome

(1:13) Between October and February, millions of starlings flock into Rome from all over Northern Europe to perform their spectacular aerial displays for Romans and tourists alike.


88%PictureFeb 2007

Italian love bones

Scientists leave Stone Age lovers alone


88%VideoJul 2011

Architectural visual mapping at Kernel Festival in Desio, Italy

(9:21) Warning: If you are prone to epileptic fits, don't watch. Nine minutes of stunningly original and trippy video projection. Sit back, absorb and enjoy. Created by Telenoika.


88%VideoJan 2012

What happened on cruise ship Costa Concordia?

(2:22) Captain Francesco Schettino, the man who sank the Concordia, was stripped of his ship after he ran it into rocks off the Italian coast.


88%VideoJun 2013

Urbs Aeterna, the eternal city

(2:56) Stunning time-lapse of Rome by Enrique Pacheco showing the magnificence of the Roman Empire that still remains.

88%VideoAug 2013

Tornado rips through Milan in Italy

(1:14) July 30, 2013: A tornado sweeps through an industrial area of Milan overturning vehicles and causing general havoc - as this dramatic footage shows.


88%VideoJan 2014

Drone video shows aftermath of huge boulder slide

(4:40) Three gigantic boulders rolled down a mountainside partially destroying a farmhouse in South Tyrol, Italy.

88%VideoFeb 2014

Armed robbers record their own heist

(3:23) Somewhere in Italy, robbers entered a supermarket armed with shooters and a GoPro.


88%VideoFeb 2014

Eerily slow-moving avalanche almost wipes out an entire village

(5:18) January 6, 2014: An eerily slow-moving avalanche narrowly missed houses in Moso, South Tyrol, Italy.