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96%VideoOct 2014

Extreme enduro city race POV

(3:04) Action from Extreme XL de Lagares. Beta team rider Ben Hemingway takes on KTM's Andreas Lettenbichler through the narrow streets and stairs of Porto in Portugal.

94%VideoJun 2015

The Economist - Drugs: War or Store?

(15:11) What happened when Portugal decriminalised drugs?


94%VideoJul 2016

Portuguese fan consoles crying French fan

(0:25) Beautiful moment at Euro 2016.

93%VideoNov 2015

Emirates Benfica safety routine

(1:49) Emirates' crew introduce Portugal's Benfica football team in front of 65,000 fans.


92%VideoNov 2012

Portuguese tornado experience

(2:19) A tornado passes through Silves, Algarve in southern Portugal, witnessed by a resident.


91%VideoOct 2007

Alexandre Orion - Reverse Graffiti

Artist creates by wiping off pollution inside tunnel


91%VideoApr 2009

Latvala's cliff-hanger roll in Portuguese rally

Jari-Matti Latvala recalls: As we rolled there was an incredible noise and the roll cage started to fold in around us. It was very frightening. Amazingly, he and his co-driver were uninjured.


90%VideoJul 2010

What would happen if you legalised drugs? Portugal did.

(3:13) In July 2001, Portugal decriminalised all previously illegal drugs. The predicted apocalypse never happened. BBC reports...


90%VideoApr 2015

Helicopter bucket fire fighting

(8:31) Footage from fire fighting Eurocopter AS-350, fighting a blaze that broke out in Portugal, July 2012.

89%VideoApr 2012

World's biggest wave ever surfed

(2:38) Surfer Garrett McNamara rode this 90 ft mountain of water off the coast of Portugal at Nazaré where geographic conditions are perfect for creating huge rogue waves.