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94%VideoNov 2015

The river of five colours

(1:15) The Colombian river Cano Cristales, aka liquid rainbow, is the only one of its kind, bursting into spectacular colour between the wet and dry seasons.

93%VideoMar 2013

Early morning wingsuit flight into Rio

(2:46) Ludovic Woerth and Jokke Sommer fly into Rio de Janeiro.

93%VideoMay 2015

Colombian police in heroic dog rescue

(1:16) May 2015. Colombian police rescue a dog being swept away down the Liboriana river after heavy rains fell.


93%VideoSep 2015

Kayakers at the mercy of a sneaky whale

(1:56) Tourists in Argentina have a whale of a lifetime.


93%VideoAug 2013

Brazilian robbery fail

(0:36) Getaway biker waits for his partner in crime.


93%VideoFeb 2012

The City of Samba

(5:47) Tilt shift time-lapse of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival 2011.

93%PictureNov 2012

Jesus, his chopper was this big!

Can you write a better caption?


92%VideoMay 2013

Modern Motorcycle Diaries

(9:23) Alaska to Argentina in 500 days on a bike. Texan Alex Chacon's one man video documentary of a motorcycle journey on one of the craziest, most beautiful and intense roads in the world.


90%VideoApr 2013

Quick cop saves suicidal man

(1:11) CCTV captures a dramatic moment in Medellin, Colombia, when a quick-thinking police officer pulled a suicidal man away from the platform edge.


90%VideoJan 2015

Dog puppeteer and little girl

(2:01) A dog puppeteer captures the imagination of a little girl.