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93%VideoSep 2016

Barcelona introduces "superblocks"

(5:30) Modern cities are designed for cars. But Barcelona is testing an urban design that gives the city back to pedestrians.

89%VideoApr 2015

Barcelona GO!

(2:10) Fast moving short film of Barcelona in flow-motion by filmmaker Rob Whitworth.

88%VideoOct 2013


(5:16) Time-lapse movie by Alexandr Kravtsov of Barcelona in Spain - August/October 2013.

88%VideoNov 2015

Porta Estel lar, interstellar immersive art installation

(4:22) Interstellar travel is trippy.


87%VideoOct 2011

F1 POV at Barcelona

Brazilian F1 driver Lucas di Grassi drives an installation lap (lap to test the car) at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya. Quote: "I had to drive with only one eye open as the camera was blocking my other eye, quite tricky."

87%VideoSep 2017

Trump experiences Hurricane Harvey "first hand"

(2:19) Trevor Noah tries to make sense of the Trump administration defending the president's claim that he witnessed Hurricane Harvey "first hand".

86%VideoMay 2011

Tiny Barcelona designer apartment

(9:38) Clever design inspired by cramp living conditions found on boats has transformed this space into a practical bachelor apartment.


86%VideoNov 2010

Piano playing frog

Puppeteer performs in Barcelona's Cuitadella Park. Apparently a regular, so pop by if you're nearby and give support.


85%PictureNov 2008

Aerial view of Barack Obama

American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada creates a huge portrait in gravel and sand along the Barcelona beach front.


FEATURED Vauxhall 39%VideoSep 2006

C'mon C'mon

Barcelona gang leader Blue takes the piss