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95%VideoJul 2014

John Green visits a hospital in Ethiopia

(3:21) Vlogbrother John Green's visit to the Yekatit 12 Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he met neonatologist Dr Mulualem Gessesse, who has saved the lives of thousands of children.


92%PictureJun 2010

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates share jokes

Heads of computer giants Apple and Microsoft get together for an economic chin wag


91%VideoFeb 2007

Bill Gates talks to Jon Stewart

Vista on the future of the world


89%VideoFeb 2010

Bill Gates - The quest for zero-carbon emissions

(29:33) One of the planet's richest men, the man who created the miracle of Microsoft, and a very generous philanthropist, puts his money behind Terrapower, a nuclear solution - but one that makes a lot of sense.

89%VideoFeb 2009

Steve Jobs introduces Macintosh Software Dating Game (1983)

All the young dudes at an rare Apple event. (Steve Jobs, Fred Gibbons, Mitch Kapor and Bill Gates)


88%VideoDec 2007

Bill Gates interviewed while eating fries

Smartest guy in the world talks about school tests


88%VideoNov 2013

The Giving Pledge, a new club for billionaires

(12:32) Charlie Rose reports on the Golden Age of Philanthropy


88%VideoJan 2014

Bill Gates viral video for

(1:19) Jimmy Fallon wants to help Bill Gates promote his website.


88%VideoJan 2014

Chess: Bill Gates vs Magnus Carlsen

(1:28) World's richest man meets world's best chess player.


88%VideoJul 2014

Bill Gates's favourite business book

(3:01) 'Business Adventures' by Tom Brooks, which was given to Bill Gates by Warren Buffet.