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96%VideoAug 2012

Customer and salesman, as kids

(1:57) From BoredShortsTV: "We asked a couple kids to pretend to be a salesman and a customer. This is what they came up with."

95%VideoMar 2012

How to buy a car, using game theory

(2:47) Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, author of The Predictioneer's Game, shares his foolproof method for getting your next car for the lowest price possible.


95%VideoOct 2011

The Gruen Transfer - Banning all religion

(4:31) Australian TV show 'The Gruen Transfer' asked two ad agencies how they would sell the banning of religion.


95%VideoNov 2008

Best carrot peeler in the world

(4:14) An Englishman in New York makes sales.


94%VideoMay 2011

Door abuse by VW dealer

(0:29) Salesman from VW dealership Larry Roesch Volkswagen demonstrates how strong their cars are.


94%VideoNov 2012

It slices, it dices, it splices your multimedia data

(2:14) Rich DuLaney from the OS/2 Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 team presents the TLT Media M57 SLC.


94%VideoAug 2017

Selling is service, service is selling

(3:07) Awkward musical training video.

93%VideoOct 2011

The 2000 Toyota Corolla in grandmother white

Starring Neil Arsenty as the salesman in this entry to the $10,000 video car review contest


91%VideoMay 2010

The essence of negotiation

How do you get the best possible deal, one that results in a win-win situation for both parties. Basic negotiating strategy explained and demonstrated.


90%VideoAug 2008

Honest conversation between driver and mechanic

Comedy Central stretch the imagination