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88%VideoJul 2009

Vince from ScamNow

ShamWow gets the dub parody treatment. Nominated by oldman

88%VideoJan 2011

NASA TV spot

Not really, but what NASA recruitment ad might look like. Music: Genesis - Justice.


88%VideoOct 2005

Cambridgeshire Police road safety

Speeding? Think!


88%VideoApr 2009

ComputerTan - Do you wanna look great in the office?

Skin cancer charity offers online tanning but when users click to access a 'free five-minute tan trial', bars from a sun bed appear on the screen with a warning message about UV exposure


88%VideoApr 2009

Expedia gives you more space to explore

Travel company offer a once in a lifetime trip to Mars


88%VideoJun 2009

Zombie Nazis root after cocoa in Norwegian mountains

The drink that's so good it will bring the dead back to life


88%VideoFeb 2013

So God made a gamer

(1:45) Parody of Dodge's 'Farmer' ad that was narrated by American radio broadcaster Paul Harvey.

88%VideoMar 2015

Proud to present Verizon/EXXON/Chipotle merger

(0:56) Covering the essentials - communication, energy, and food - Verizon/EXXON/Chipotle is proud to serve America.


118 118 88%VideoMay 2006

118 118 Choir

Retro twins spoof Honda Choir ad

88%PictureAug 2006

iPod parodies

iPod sneaks into modern living