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96%VideoAug 2013

Very trusting lizard wants her belly rubbed

(1:08) A baby spiny-tailed lizard enjoys getting tickled.

93%VideoNov 2009

Surprised kitty

Kitten joins in tickling game

92%VideoMar 2014

Ever heard a meerkat being tickled?

(0:20) Merely a laughing meerkat.

88%VideoJul 2011

Very ticklish albino hedgehog

(0:57) Winston Churchill, open and closed.

85%VideoMar 2010

Tickling the dog's bollocks, Crufts 2010

How do you liven up a bored bulldog? You tickle its scrotum. This is a perfectly respectable practice in the higher echelons of pedigree dog shows.

78%VideoDec 2009

Ticklish toad

A toad in bliss, to the sounds of Billy Joel's 'The Stranger'