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95%PictureOct 2007

Dear Miriam, 'he had dressed up in my lingerie...'

Satire by Viz of the Dear Miriam advice column in the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper.

92%Feb 2006

Viz letters

92%PictureFeb 2008

The world of Hitchcock recreated for Vanity Fair

Hollywood stars recreate Hitchcock movie posters

91%PictureJan 2009

German magazine Spiegel's best photos of 2008

Recently published set of photos representing the best shots of last year

91%PictureJul 2009

Maxim's Hot 100, numbers 50 - 26

Girls, girls and more girls - 50 Taylor Swift

90%VideoOct 2008

Sarah Palin's reading habits

Another nugget from Palin's disastrous interview with Katie Couric for CBS

90%PictureJul 2009

Maxim's Hot 100, numbers 75 - 51

Girls, girls and more girls - 75 Tricia Helfer

90%PictureNov 2008

World's most bizarre magazines

WTF?! behold the OMFG magazine. Not really a bizarre magazine in itself, except for the name of course. The Official Meeting Facilities Guide (OMFG) is a trade publication.

89%PictureAug 2009

Muhammad Ali meets American presidents

(6 pics) Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

89%PictureOct 2009

The Biggest Swine of All - Life Magazine, 1939

Published at the end of Life Magazine, October 16, 1939. were these instructions to fold the paper. Can you guess what would appear on the folded article?