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96%VideoMay 2015

Parking problem solved in 1927

(1:03) Great parking aid demonstrated in Paris in 1927, where the front wheels enable cars to turn like the hands on a clock.

94%VideoSep 2013

Professor's wheel momentum demonstration

(3.13) Dutch physics professor at MIT, Walter Lewin demonstrates the counterintuitive actions of momentum on a spinning wheel.


93%VideoDec 2014

FreeWheel wheelchair attachment

(1:18) Clever wheelchair accessory that allows you to take your wheelchair where other chairs can't reach.

92%PictureMar 2011

Custom car FAIL


92%VideoFeb 2009

Clamped car out for a drive

More of a drag to wait and pay the fine


91%VideoJul 2009

What keeps a train on the track?

(2:27) Physicist Richard Feynman explains how a train stays on the tracks. Not the answer you might expect.


91%VideoJun 2012

Man changes bike tyre in less than one minute

(1:04) In a timed challenge, a man changes the inner tube of his bike in less than a minute, much to the surprise of his audience.


91%VideoAug 2009

Around the corner, how a differential works

(9:31) Excellent tutorial from the 30's on the principles and development of the differential gear.


91%VideoMay 2012

Experiment with a rather large and heavy wheel

(3:22) Professor Eric Laithwaite demonstrates the principles of a gyro using a large and heavy wheel.


90%VideoApr 2010

Sebastien Buemi steering problems as front wheels fall off!

Swiss F1 driver for Red Bull Sebastien Buemi has a lucky escape when his suspension disintegrates at 200mph. Formula One Grand Prix, Shanghai China 2010.