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88%VideoJan 2014

Mustang Wanted compilation

(1:46) Ukrainian free climber Mustang Wanted has a terrifying hobby, scaling very tall things unharnessed.


88%VideoFeb 2014

Insane Russians climb world's second tallest building!

(5:20) At 650m high, Shanghai Tower is the world's second tallest building after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


88%VideoJun 2014

Creative technique for climbing a palm tree

(2:39) From Brazil.

88%VideoNov 2014

Daredevil scales industrial chimney without safety equipment

(3:18) Romanian thrill junkie Flaviu Cernescu couldn't resist the dilapidated industrial chimney that towered 280 metres into the sky.

88%VideoMar 2015

Scary crazy crane climb, Dubai

(2:20) British free-climber James Kingston climbs a Dubai crane.


88%VideoJul 2015

Baby raccoon's first tree climbing lesson

(1:27) The adorable moment when a raccoon teaches its offspring how to climb a tree.

88%VideoNov 2015

19-month-old indoor rock climber

(1:53) No cot is big enough for this toddler.

88%VideoDec 2015

Baby sloths learn to climb


88%VideoJul 2016

Real life Tarzan

(0:41) This man's climbing skills are on another level.

88%VideoNov 2016

Rock climbing kitty in training