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97%VideoFeb 2013

QI - Pascal's Wager, the third option

(1:12) David Mitchell offers a third and far more interesting option for Pascal's Wager.


94%VideoJul 2013

QI - French and Russian dinner services

(3:49) The QI panel try to figure out the difference between French and Russian dinner services, but David Mitchell actually knows.

93%VideoFeb 2012

QI - Everything you need to know about nuts

(4:26) Brazil nuts have unusual qualities. Stephen Fry explains to a bewildered panel.


93%VideoFeb 2012

QI - Cheese

(3:52) Hilarious discussion on cheese between the QI panel.

93%VideoMay 2010

QI - US prisons, reinventing the slave trade?

(3:38) Interesting and disturbing stuff about America's imprisoned population.


93%VideoJan 2015

David Mitchell's angry logic

(9:14) Compilation of David Mitchell's best moments on QI.

93%VideoOct 2013

QI - Tied in Knots

(3:27) QI gets physical when the panellists get tied together.

92%VideoAug 2010

QI - David Mitchell lies convincingly

A difficult question is actually quite easy for Cambridge historian David Mitchell


92%VideoFeb 2014

QI - Drink and Drugs

(6:24) Excerpts from 2006 QI episode with some surprising facts about drink and drugs.


91%VideoFeb 2010

QI - Barack Obama answers a question

And gets it wrong!