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94%VideoMar 2018

Sudden engine failure in a biplane

(1:28) A biplane's engine cuts out during routine manoeuvres.

94%VideoMay 2018

Sky Sports presenter catches runaway horse

(1:50) Just a quiet afternoon at Chepstow, or so we thought.

93%VideoNov 2011

Surfer almost swallowed by whale!

Unsuspecting surfer and kayakers had a close encounter with humpback whales off Santa Cruz, California. Fortunately Barb Roettger had her camera rolling.


92%VideoApr 2011

Unexpected accident

Driver Wendy Cobb stood no chance. Fortunately no one was hurt during the filming of this incident.


92%VideoSep 2010

Cheating Death - Missed by inches

Compilation of happy endings prepended by intense heart-stopping moments


92%VideoSep 2011

Polar bear vs. Russian woman

Mys Shmidta in north east Russia, a lucky woman is saved by a bottle!


92%VideoAug 2015

Rock climber's leap of faith

(0:28) A rock climber faces the "Leap of Faith" option on the Maroon Bells Traverse in Colorado.


92%VideoDec 2016

Boy catches fish with toy rod

(1:29) A little boy learns how to hold it like a man.

92%VideoApr 2011

Nearest possible miss at a railway crossing

As they say, timing is everything


92%VideoJul 2012

Helicopter bark

(2:05) Cool outdoor stuff. Witness a rare natural occurrence when a bark gets caught in a flowing river and starts spinning.