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96%VideoMar 2014

Piers Morgan bows out with a final message on gun control

(3:24) Piers Morgan blasts the NRA and American gun law in his signing off speech on the last CNN Piers Morgan Live show.


96%VideoJun 2014

Ricky Gervais solves gun control

(0:49) Opie and Anthony - Ricky Gervais takes questions on world problems. This is his simple solution to gun control.


96%VideoAug 2014

Conan remembers Robin Williams, the best talk show guest in the world

(5:37) Conan recalls Robin Williams' incredible generosity and his many hilarious visits to the show.

96%VideoNov 2014

SNL - ISIS face the sharks of Shark Tank

(4:57) A pair of radical thinkers raise funds for their up-and-coming organisation, ISIS.

96%VideoJun 2014

Ricky Gervais talks religion on Opie and Anthony

(15:24) Great insights into religion, including "Jesus is like an unpaid babysitter".


96%VideoOct 2012

Earl Okin - My Room

(4:58) English heartthrob singer-songwriter Earl Okin woos the women.


95%VideoAug 2012

The Newsroom - American Taliban

(6:12) Many a true word spoken in fiction. From Episode 10 of American drama TV show "The Newsroom" by Aaron Sorkin.


95%SoundOct 2012

Please move the deer crossings!

(3:52) From the nation that got us to Mars. After three accidents involving deer, a woman calls a radio station to complain about the positioning of deer crossings.


95%VideoJun 2014

Jimmy Fallon plays Word Sneak with Ricky Gervais

(3:23) Word Sneak, a game of casual conversation.

95%VideoMay 2017

Password with Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon

(7:36) Donald and Jimmy face off in a game of Password.