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96%VideoJul 2012

Kevin Smith on how he takes criticism

(9:15) American director, actor, comedian and popular comic book writer Kevin Smith, gives his opinion on movie criticism.


94%VideoNov 2013

Superman vs Goku flipbook animation

(1:44) Epic flipbook battle between Superman and Goku, with soundtrack!

89%AnimationFeb 2012

Vegeta - I Will Always Love You

(0:41) Even Vegeta, character in Japanese manga series 'Dragon Ball', will always love Whitney Houston.

88%PictureAug 2011

Great minimalist posters by Marvel

The essence of the superhero, no more, no less. Captain America.


88%VideoMar 2014

Costuming at the London Super Comic Convention 2014

(3:25) Cosplay music video.

82%VideoFeb 2015

Neil Gaiman reads his credo, what he believes

(4:05) Comic book author Neil Gaiman reads his credo on freedom of speech, written after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.


75%VideoMay 2009

Brigitte Bardot - Comic Strip

Music video of a song by Serge Gainsbourg who was the hip avatar of all things French


73%PictureSep 2011

Hey Earth, what's up?

Space comic strip that is funny, deep and contagious


62%VideoMay 2011

Bohemian Rhapsody with rage comic

Queen's anthem Bohemian Rhapsody with rage comic created by reddit user graulund